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Safety, punctuality, discipline, mobility, regularity of task performance are Our principle of operation.

LLP « PromAlp.kz » - Our team with great experience, mountain trips and expeditions - Ural, Altai, Tien Shan, Zailiiskoe Alatau, the Apls, active participation in the act of charity for rock climbing and mountaineering – is the way of life. But in narrow urban environments, in places heavily loaded by aircraft communications, where the use of towers is not possible on objects, where because of road conditions the access of cranes is excluded. High architectural structures - are the work of people of our profession, which is needed and even irreplaceable. An exclusive feature has been acquired by “industrial mountaineering” in the language of professional- “PromAlp”. Also, it should be mentioned about high mobility in the preparation and execution of high-altitude works by the method of “industrial mountaineering”.

Industrial mountaineering – is a special technology of execution of high-altitude works at the industrial projects and others, in which the workplace is achieved by raising or lowering with a rope or by using other alpinists’ methods of movement and security.

Demands: According to the Order of Minister of MFN V.Bozhko, main legal documents are:
Certification of industrial alpinist of the Republic of Kazakhstan (standard pattern).
Qualification book of industrial alpinist of the Republic of Kazakhstan (standard pattern).

Contractor's agreement for execution of certain types of one-shot jobs and individual labor agreements with workers. There is workmanship instruction in the basis of the legalization of relationship, which reflects the characteristics of the work, rights and responsibilities of the parties. People under the age of 18 are not attracted to high-altitude works.

Skills and abilities: - knowledge of work features and related documentation during the execution of high-altitude work; techniques, rendering first-aid, the rules of safe use of ropes, cables, climbing equipment for works on high-altitude objects; device and principle of the operation of manual or motorized winches, hoists, signals and their use at interacting with workers, who control a load lifting mechanism; metarules and the basic quality of knots for joining ropes, cables and ropes; organization of elevating system and lowering system of people and load at the height, displacement in non-reference space using climbing equipment, structural elements.

Our partners:

The Residence of the President «Ak Orda» .
LLP « Khan Shatyry ».
The Ministry of Transport and Communications.
Congress Hall - Astana.
Astana - Baiterek, Beijing Palace, BC St. Petersburg.
Rixos Prezident Hotel , Ноtel Diplomat, King Ноtel.
Palace of Peace and Harmony "Pyramid".
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The Ministry of Internal Affairs.
KazMunaiGaz, Lukoil.
SEC "Duman ", "Mega", "Eurasia", "Asia Park","Sary Arka".
Astana Golf Club.
The Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Emba Munai Gas, Atyrau.
Sports Complexes "Caspian", "Kazakhstan", "Astana Arena", "Skating stadium", "Cycle Track Astana".
Turkish company "Sembol Insaat"," Alarko"," Eden".
German company «Vector Foiltec », « Montage Service ».
Korean company «Highvill Astana».
Corporation « Kulager », « Basis-А », LLP «Raduga-Astana International», LLP « Kurylys- Shra » , « Alkon +», « Astana – lift »…
Advertising agency « А Studio», « Rakyt », « Ornek », «VMT Astana» …

We are ready to discuss Your any proposals. We hope that the cooperation with the «PromAlp.kz», will provide You not only useful information, but it also will contribute to Your success in prosperity of Your business.
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